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About Natasha Noel

Natasha’s creative thought process and artistic sensibilities have shaped her life. She began drawing and painting at a young age, eventually leading her to study art in Rome, Italy, and Lebanon. Natasha graduated from Concordia University, Irvine, in 2021 with a BA in business. She quickly decided to pursue a career as a professional artist, collaborating her marketing knowledge and creative skills to advance her art career.


Natasha focuses on abstract and figurative subjects; She brings an extensive mastery of art elements and a natural sense of balance to create movement in each painting, as her paintings are a visual diary of energetic expression and emotion, working to reclaim her own sexuality with each painting, pushing the boundaries of societal feminine beauty, and empowering women.

Artist Statement

“I work in the continuous investigation of the divine feminine, portrayal of the female form, and the pursuit of defying the male gaze to empower all women, utilizing the elements of art as means of communication with my viewers.

I utilize explosive brush strokes, textures, and specific colors to evoke emotion. I want viewers to be present and get a sense of my energy during the creative process of each painting. Collaborating with live models or using my own body as reference, the portrayal of the female form on my canvases are painted with intention as I strive to define a different perspective of the powerful, beautiful, and divine feminine."

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