Mirror, Mirror Series, 2021

acrylic, spray paint, oil pastel, charcoal, mirror, and epoxy resin on wood
24" x 24"

The Mirror, Mirror Series examines the male gaze, its connection to "feminine beauty," and the notion of self-image tying into insecurity. The four paintings in the series (Broken, Fragments, Shards, & Shattered) question the ideology of standardized beauty.

Natasha deliberately placed each brushstroke and element; the messy black and white brushstrokes and markings contrast the light pink background, symbolizing raw, organic beauty. The shade of light pink is purposefully used in this series to represent love, warmth, and gentleness. The broken mirror pieces are placed intentionally around photographs of “beautifully ideal" bodies. When the viewer looks at the painting and focuses on the women that share the same silhouette as the women on billboards, magazine covers, and social media feeds, they will inevitably see their faces in the mirror's reflection. It is a reminder that people see when they look in a mirror to stop comparing because their intricate bodies with individual uniqueness is indeed a work of art.